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Snow Plow Light

BrightSource- Canada 

LED Snow Plow Headlight

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LED Snow Plow Headlight
  • Heated Lens With Automatic Temperature Sensor
  • Multidirectional Mounting Options On The For Signal Light
  • Reflector Facing LED Technology
  • 229mm x 150mm x 80mm/9in x 6in x 3in Lamp Size Approx
  • Die Cast Aluminum Alloy Heat Sink w/Powdercoat
  • Dual Mount/Bottom Or Rear Anti Vibration Mount
  • Tempered Glass Lens For Anti Icing/Snow Melt Function
  • IP 68 w/Waterproof Breather
  • Operating Voltage 9 36V DC 12V/24V 4.2A/2A
  • Service Life 50000 Hours
  • Electronic Thermal Management
  • UV Resistant/Shock Resistant/Reverse Polarity Protection

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